Finally, back to writing and designing my own articles! I love this combination of two of my favorite skills, plus I have a fair amount of freedom in my topics. This article covers green cleaning options for environmentally-conscious people. While it is advertising driven, I think that it’s also a great informative post with tips that are easily accessible.

Currently it’s got 1.6K likes on Facebook and 4,561 views on the blog. That’s pretty decent for our blog, so I’d say it was a success! Not to mention the fact that it’s evergreen content and a trending topic at the moment.

Plus I am really happy with the design, and I don’t often admit that. I always feel that my work could be better, but I’m often not sure how. Luckily I think I’ve grown a lot in that aspect during the past 6 months working at Swanson.

Check out the Swanson blog to read the article. Also take a look at the accompanying infographic below!