I love what I do, and I think you will, too!

Hi there! My name is Linda Norland, and I study New Media & Web Design at North Dakota State University. I also minor in both Journalism and Strategic Communication (PR & Advertising). It’s a lot to take in, I know! So let me break it down for you.

What I Do:

  • Web design
  • Digital & print design
  • Photography
  • Content marketing
  • Journalistic articles, with a focus on web (features/arts/entertainment are my areas of specialty)
  • Creative writing
  • Editing (AP Style, APA Style, traditional grammar & spelling)
  • Art/Illustration
  • Video production/editing
  • Audio production/editing

What I Know (Good/Fair/Proficient/Advanced):

  • HTML/CSS (proficient)
  • Javascript (proficient)
  • JQuery (fair)
  • WordPress (proficient)
    • Yoast (proficient)
    • Visual Composer (proficient)
  • Adobe Creative Suite/Cloud
    • Photoshop (advanced)
    • Illustrator, InDesign (proficient)
    • Dreamweaver (fair)
    • Audition (proficient)
    • Premiere Elements (proficient)
    • Animate (fair)
  • SEO (fair)
  • AP Style (proficient)
  • Manual photography (proficient)
  • Microsoft
    • Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, Expression Web (advanced)
    • Access (fair)
  • Java (but it was awhile ago, don’t ask…)

What I’ve Done:

  • Print/Digital Design
    • Graphic Designer / Student Coordinator: I currently work here doing print/digital design for clients through the university. Responsibilities include creating poster/flyers/etc. for clients, printing/cutting/mounting posters on a range of papers, cutting/mounting vinyl, interacting with customers politely and positively, and managing a small team of designers.
  • Web Design/Development/Maintenance
    • Web Master / Managing Editor at The Spectrum: I currently work here overseeing the website and basically being the VP Editor-in-Chief. Our website recently placed 1st at the Best of the Midwest regional newspaper competition, and 4th at the Associated Collegiate Press Midwinter Conference. Responsibilities include formatting print articles for web, masterful use of WordPress.org and a range of plugins, maintaining several dozen user accounts, administrating the Google email system, creating and uploading graphics to digital displays around campus, working with coworkers, and meeting strict deadlines. I also manage an editorial staff of 12 people, helping them with writing, editing, photography, graphics, and page design. I lead meetings and send the paper to print.
    • Web Intern at Spotlight Media: I interned over the summer at Spotlight Media in Fargo. Responsibilities included formatting print articles for web, writing original content such as articles or pages, creating eye-catching and modern graphics for articles, updating and sending weekly MailChimp email blasts, researching and adding events to calendar, and editing articles. I also created the site’s first personality quiz.
  • Writing
    • Contributing/Staff Writer for The Spectrum: I wrote articles for the Arts & Entertainment and Features sections of the newspaper occasionally for my first 2 years, becoming a staff writer my junior year and writing an article a week. These included reviews and previews of books/movies/concerts, a series of bios on student workers on campus, a column on my experiences studying abroad, weekly events roundups, and creative pieces on art around campus.
    • Summer Web Intern at Spotlight Media: I wrote articles for the Fargo Monthly website, including soft news on upcoming events, ever-green pieces about entertainment options and events in the area, list-style viral articles (including my Fargo GIFs article that broke the internet), and guides to local venues.
  • Photography
    • The Spectrum: My photos have been featured in The Spectrum’s print and online versions, usually paired with articles I wrote.
    • FargoMonthly.com: I used my photos to create graphics or in place of royalty-free images from the internet to accompany articles.
  • Other
    • Student Employee at NDSU MU Service Center: I worked at the combined Copy Shop and Post Office in the student union for over 2 years before being promoted to the Graphics Shop. Responsibilities included printing from computers, copying documents and photos, sending faxes, delivering excellent customer service, balloon orders, sorting mail, mailing packages, and many other tasks. Although this isn’t directly related to my career path, it gave me a lot of practice with customer service and office-related tasks.
    • Sales Floor at Target: over 1 year experience
    • Nursery Supervisor: Messiah Lutheran Church: over 3 years experience

Other Impressive Things to Note

  • I studied in the U.K. for five months during my junior year of college (Fall of 2014). I attended the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, England, to study journalism and graphic design. I took classes in Media Ethics, Advertising, and (my favorite) Information Graphics. During my time I traveled all over the U.K. and Europe, met amazing people, made lifelong friends and experienced fantastic cultures. It was a long-term goal and dream of mine, and I am proud to say it changed my life forever.
  • I’m president of NDSU’s chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. This club single-handedly created NDSU’s first Communications Career Fair, giving local businesses and students a change to network. This was how I got my internship at Spotlight Media, so I know at least one person benefited from it!
  • I was editor-in-chief of my high school newspaper and president of the French club at Fargo North High in Fargo.
  • My article “19 GIFs All Fargoans Can Relate To” got the record for most page views on the Fargo Monthly website.
  • I speak and write (almost) fluent French.
  • I’ve been on the Dean’s List every semester at NDSU for good grades.