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Here is an example of my work creating webpage mockups. This was for Swanson Health Products' Black Friday sale. I created desktop and mobile mockups for the landing page design, keeping in mind user experience on both devices and our... Continue Reading →


After several months of hard work, my capstone is finally live (and ready for me to share). There are still a few small problems I'm working on, such as the store as I've never set one up before and had... Continue Reading →

To graduate from my program, New Media & Web Design, I have to complete a capstone project. This involves reaching out to a client and creating a website for them from scratch. Basically it is the pinnacle of my education,... Continue Reading →

I'm proud to say that The Spectrum, NDSU's student newspaper, has an award-winning website. We placed first in regional large school websites at the Associated Collegiate Press Best of the Midwest conference. It has been such a great experience being... Continue Reading →

I'm currently the web editor for this website. While I didn't create it, I've already left a personal mark on it in the past few months, including updating the theme and choosing the best plugins for looks, performance and utility.... Continue Reading →

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