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Finally, back to writing and designing my own articles! I love this combination of two of my favorite skills, plus I have a fair amount of freedom in my topics. This article covers green cleaning options for environmentally-conscious people. While... Continue Reading →


This is a design/writing power combo, by which I mean that I wrote this and then designed the images for it. This was my first piece at SHP—many more to come! Read the article here on the blog, and stay... Continue Reading →

Check out my author page for the full list (it's pretty long) or check out some of my favorites below: Fargo Foodie | Barbacoa Serves Spice Without the Price Seeking Treasures at Island Park Craft Fair International Night Celebrates Culture... Continue Reading →

Creating this guide for Fargo Monthly was a lot of hard work (calling companies, searching through lists, browsing websites) but it was definitely worth it. Our goal was to create a guide, or an evergreen article, to fill an empty... Continue Reading →

I love spending time outside, and nature photography is my favorite genre, so this was a fun article to write. I also know the Fargo-Moorhead area very well and have done many of these activities. This image is my own... Continue Reading →

Another Fargo Monthly article that I wrote, along with the image. The photo in the background is mine, but the triangle pattern is a free vector I used as a mask. This was one of my favorite articles to write,... Continue Reading →

This is another article I wrote for Fargo Monthly during my internship this past summer. I also created the accompanying image, although the photo is royalty free from There is also a matching thumbnail in the navigation bar on... Continue Reading →

Writing for The Spectrum gives me a lot of freedom both in my subject choices and how I present my article. For our Dead Week Issue, a light, game-filled issue, I wrote a short piece on yoga for finals stress... Continue Reading →

So I write for Fargo Monthly…

...and you should definitely check out my author page! Or jump directly to these articles: How Much Do You Know About Fargo? 10 Ways To Enjoy The Outdoors In Fargo 50 Free Things You Can Do Right Now in Fargo... Continue Reading →

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