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I love what I do, and I think you will, too!

I love making infographics, particularly topical ones. In fact, when I studied at the University of Central Lancashire in England I took an entire class on them. Here's one I made a few months ago for Swanson Health Product's blog.

Been playing with geometric letters and logos lately. I think AMOK would be a cool band name, and this is a logo I came up with for it.

This is just a personal project I've been working on because I'm a spazz and I want my Spotify playlists to look beautiful. It's been fun playing with fonts and backgrounds that I can't use at work (branding and all... Continue Reading →

Here's a fun design I whipped up recently, feel free to use it as a phone screensaver.

Where to Get the Best Design Freebies

As a young 20-something designer still fresh out of college (and money), I spend a fair amount of time searching for the best deals on everything from clothing to food. Design elements are no different—although I'm a big proponent of... Continue Reading →

So during the last month I began my career as a web designer at Swanson Health Products, a company that produces and sells vitamins, supplements, and other healthy products like foods and cosmetics. I'm so happy to have obtained the career... Continue Reading →

After several months of hard work, my capstone is finally live (and ready for me to share). There are still a few small problems I'm working on, such as the store as I've never set one up before and had... Continue Reading →

To graduate from my program, New Media & Web Design, I have to complete a capstone project. This involves reaching out to a client and creating a website for them from scratch. Basically it is the pinnacle of my education,... Continue Reading →

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