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I love what I do, and I think you will, too!

Finally, back to writing and designing my own articles! I love this combination of two of my favorite skills, plus I have a fair amount of freedom in my topics. This article covers green cleaning options for environmentally-conscious people. While... Continue Reading →


This is a design I did for a Swanson Health Products email. This offer only runs twice a year and is a big sales generator. I've started calculating the efficacy of my designs, and this email generated 29% more revenue... Continue Reading →

Another SHP blog design series, but I'm particularly proud of this one! I got lots of compliments for it at our weekly meeting, particularly the infographic. Have I mentioned that I love making infographics? I was going for a chalkboard... Continue Reading →

This is a design/writing power combo, by which I mean that I wrote this and then designed the images for it. This was my first piece at SHP—many more to come! Read the article here on the blog, and stay... Continue Reading →

Here is an example of my work creating webpage mockups. This was for Swanson Health Products' Black Friday sale. I created desktop and mobile mockups for the landing page design, keeping in mind user experience on both devices and our... Continue Reading →

I love making infographics, particularly topical ones. In fact, when I studied at the University of Central Lancashire in England I took an entire class on them. Here's one I made a few months ago for Swanson Health Product's blog.

Been playing with geometric letters and logos lately. I think AMOK would be a cool band name, and this is a logo I came up with for it.

This is just a personal project I've been working on because I'm a spazz and I want my Spotify playlists to look beautiful. It's been fun playing with fonts and backgrounds that I can't use at work (branding and all... Continue Reading →

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