As a student and young designer, I know how difficult it can be to get started making your mark on the world. With so much content currently clogging up the web-o-sphere (some excellent, some cruddy), it can be hard to find great resources for your projects. And by great, I usually mean free.

So, whether you’re here as a potential client, employer, or friend, I urge you to take a look at some of the resources I use to complete my projects.

Free Websites

Codecademy: This is an amazing resource for those looking to teach themselves coding. I’ve completed the HTML/CSS course and am working on one for Javascript, but they have many languages to choose from.

Canva: If you don’t want to pay for Illustrator, you can probably get by with Canva for a little while—especially if you’re doing online media.

Web Designer Depot: Great for news, tips, and inspiration.

Giphy: I used this for my “19 GIFs” article on Fargo Monthly. It’s the ultimate GIF resource, with an excellent search feature.

Subtle Patterns: Just what it says, free subtle patterns to use in websites and design.

Pinterest: No doubt you’ve already heard of this site! It’s seriously great for inspiration, and stats prove that it is responsible for a lot of traffic to websites. Follow my account for design inspiration!

Design Cuts: While most of their deals require payment, they have a pretty good list of freebies that you can get if you sign up.

Pixabay: Great free stock images to use in your projects without giving credit—even for commercial use.

Free Chrome Plugins

Font Face Ninja: Have you ever loved a font on a webpage, but dreaded sorting through the source code to find it? When you turn it on, this handy browser plugin shows you all the font settings on any web page. So cool!

Free Desktop Apps

Pingendo: As if you needed any more of an excuse NOT to make your website from scratch. This free program is easy to use and quick to download, offering you instant responsive webpage creation without typing in all the fluff. It’s more of a starting off point than a do-it-all.